Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whole 30 again..

Recently, my boyfriends mom and sister mentioned that they wanted to do Whole 30, so Danielle and I said we'd do it with them! We started on Tuesday this week and so far it's going ok. You would think since I've done it before that I would't have cravings or miss certain foods because I know the changes my body is going through, but I do. I'm struggling a little. My biggest and maybe only issue is when I don't prep food. ALWAYS PREP YOUR FOOD! If not you'll be in a situation where you're hungry, tired, annoyed because you're so hungry and just feel like grabbing fast food. Ok, maybe I'm the only one that feels that way. That's exactly how I felt last night. I ended up buying $7 pre made guacamole from Whole Foods because I needed something on the drive home from work to keep my stomach happy, and hold me over until dinner. If I brought little snacks to work, or ate a real lunch, this wouldn't have happened. Yes, I'm eating it with a spoon!

Another reason this time around it's only going O-K so far is because the reason I'm doing this again is so I can support Maya and Nada. I needed Danielle so much the first time around I figured everyone needed someone for support. I guess there are people out there who can motivate themselves (obviously I'm not like this) and don't need to rely on others. Nada doesn't eat junk food so this whole 30 hasn't been an issue for her. Maya isn't having any problems either, besides missing her diet soda. Neither of them "need" me and I assumed they would. It's my fault for assuming they would come to me with questions and tips. Waseam tried to comfort me and say that he needs me in his life, which is nice, but my intentions for this 2nd whole 30 was the be someone they look up to. I'll get over it, but I just wanted to share my feelings thus far with my 2nd whole 30.

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