Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Work & Photography

This summer my boss and I are going into the community and having some fun while we promote Bakery On Main. Last week we went to Mission Beach to hand out granola samples. It was great meeting new people! A lot of people were on vacation so we told them where they could find the products in their state. We wanted to do something different with our granola so we used it as a topping on frozen yogurt. I really liked it! We had chocolate yogurt, mango and strawberries topped with our Extreme Fruit & Nut granola. My second picture is at the top of the roller coaster at Belmont Park. It wasn't easy to hold granola and take a photo on that rocky ride but I'm happy it came out clear. I can't wait for our other adventures this summer as we make our way through San Diego spreading Gluten Free Happiness!

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