Monday, March 31, 2014

9 Days left!

I'm sorry this post is late! I'm in the single digits people!!!!  There are some things I wanted to talk about. Last week I had a dream I cheated. Don't worry, I didn't. I think dreams in general are amazing. They can seem so real that I really had to question myself when I woke up. I've read that people have these dreams and Danielle said she did too so I'm glad I'm not alone.

I went out of town for a couple days for work and I have a few pictures to share. The first one is hilarious to me. I ordered a street taco so the toppings are pretty limited since it's just a simple taco. After I took away the things I couldn't have I was left with meat, onions and guacamole. It was yummy, it just looks really funny to me because there isn't much food. My second picture is of the salad I ate the first day. I had greens, onions, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, almonds and pecans, avocado and I squeezed a lemon on top for dressing.

Sometimes I just think about life and I can't believe I'm even doing this challenge. I've always said that I have no control when it comes to food. I will eat whatever I want and not say no to food. I've never seen a reason to limit myself or pass on something I enjoy eating. It's crazy because this whole challenge is saying no to everything I really want. I know it's for the better but brownies, cookies and cake still looks delicious. I'm doing something I never thought I could do! I think the main issue here is with myself. I don't give myself enough credit. Of course challenges are done for a reason and I love testing myself to see what I'll put myself through to achieve my goals. It's amazing how great I feel accomplishing something. I think I feel so great because no one is forcing me to do this challenge. I willingly accepted to completely change how I eat for 30 days. That's huge! I can't stop thinking about how happy my body must be right now. I've never EVER given it a break from sugar, let alone dairy and wheat. Sugar is in almost everything. I'm ashamed that I love sugar so much. It's embarrassing because it's not good for me and for some reason I still wouldn't mind eating something with sugar in it. Why would I put my body through that? I'm starting to realize just because I think something tastes delicious doesn't mean I have to eat it. I know that seems like common sense but I'm really starting to understand that. Honestly, who wants to say no to cake or ice cream? I don't, but maybe I'll start to really practice eating sweets in moderation. I can't believe I just typed that. Never did I think I would ever say something like that. I'm seeing with my own eyes that I can make it 30 days without eating how I always have. It's been a great month for me and I've learned so much about myself. I'm down to 9 days and I'm getting excited. What I really can't wait for is introducing dairy, wheat and sugar (at different times) to my body to see how it reacts. I talked to a woman a couple of days ago and she said she got sick after her challenge. Obviously I'm not hoping to get sick, but I'll listen to my body and see if it rejects any of my food choices. The countdown is on, 9 days, I CAN DO THIS!

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